Bible Study Groups
Married Couples’ monthly dinners and Bible study
Contact – Kathy Conner, or 813-766-2254
Women’s Bible Study
Wednesday mornings at 8:30 am – 10:00 am led by Kathy Conner.
Contact Kathy Conner or 813-766-2254
Women’s Bible Study
Women in Their Golden Years, led by Kathy Conner
Thursday mornings, 9:30am.
Contact Kathy Conner, or call 813-766-2254
Bible Study
First Wednesday of every month at Peggy and Mike Kanter’s home
4835 W. San Jose St. at 6 pm. Light dinner served.
Contact Peggy Kanter at or (813-281-2124).
Men’s Bible Study
Thursday mornings, 7:00am – 8:00 am
In the HUB, very interactive and engaging
led by Fitz Conner or 229-0679 Ext. 223
Grief and Loss
Quarterly gatherings.
Call Kathy Conner, or 813-766-2254.
Single Parents
Quarterly gatherings.
Call Kathy Conner, or 813-766-2254.
Young Professionals’ dinners and small groups, for folks age 22-34-ish.
Every other month. Contact Kathy Conner
Young Professional Women’s Bible Study: Please join us on Monday nights at 5:15 the church
office to grow in our faith and have fun while we’re at it! We will be doing an in-depth study of
Philippians 4 using the book Unexplainable by Don Cousins. Contact Kathy Conner if your are interested:
Women in their 20s
Meets each Sunday following the 9:30 a.m. service right here at First Pres!
Contact Allison Hobby or 813-404-1023 for more information.